The residency programme has been established as part of HOME Slough’s approach to increasing the range and number of Slough residents engaging with, and being inspired by the arts.  It is an opportunity for artists to reflect and respond to the town centre, the residents of Slough and life in the town.The programme offers residents the chance to meet and work with artists over an agreed period in centre of the town, empowering them by involving them in the creative process.  For artists it provides a space to test artistic ideas and practice in collaboration with the highly diverse community of Slough in a prominent visible location in the centre of the town.This programme supports our ambition to increase the arts offer in Slough, build links with organisations based outside of Slough and contribute to making the High Street a cultural destination for residents.

And did we mention fun?  Fun, we’d like to encourage a spirit of fun with our residencies.

Deadline for applications is 5pm on Monday 2 September
Shortlisting panel is on Wednesday 4 September
Interviews with selection panel: Thursday 12 September
Residency at HOME on the High Street