Immerse yourself in the rhythms of Latin America and experience this global dance phenomenon with Iwona & Vaibhav.

This is your chance to master essential Salsa and Bachata steps in a fun, friendly and energetic environment. It’s a partner dance, so you’ll meet plenty of new people along the way, and we offer classes at different levels – so whether you’re a complete beginner who wants to give it a try or looking to develop your skills we have the right class for you.

Salsa and Bachata originated in the Latin America in the early 1900s and are now danced all over the world. Unlike classic forms of dancing like Jazz, Ballet and contemporary, these are based on strict technique and rules around leading and following. These can also be danced solo to the music.

About us

Vaibhav and Iwona have been regularly teaching bachata in the UK (London and Oxford) for over 3 years and combined they have experience of more than 15 years in Salsa and Bachata. Vaibhav has also performed and taught internationally in Denmark, Hungary, Spain and Portugal. They have only recently moved to Slough and want to share their knowledge of these dance forms with Slough and build a Latin Dance Community. They travel regularly to Latin festivals in Europe to keep learning. The salsa and bachata styles they predominantly dance and teach are the ones that are danced all over Europe and America. These are as follows (you can youtube or insta them):

  1. Bachata Sensual aka Bachata Fusion
  2. Salsa On2 aka NY Salsa aka Mambo

Few examples of some of the best Latin Dancers in the world:

Few videos of your teachers dancing with each other and some of the best dancers in the world:

Structure of the evening

The structure of the workshops would be as follows:

  1. Salsa Class – 45 minutes
  2. Bachata Class – 45 minutes
  3. Social – 1.5 hours

First 1.5 hours would be focused on learning how to dance salsa and bachata. This would include a little bit of talking around the background of each of the dances, the music, and the style of dance we would teach. Following on from that, we will work on some essential footwork: steps, turns, body isolations and shines. Then on, we will learn to execute these together with a partner. We will rotate partners during the workshop so everyone gets to learn to lead and follow in the same way.

For the last 1.5 hours, we will be playing a variety of latin music so you can get put everything to practice and get to dance with everyone, socialise and get to know each other.


The first introductory session on 20 September will be completely FREE of charge.

From 27/09 onwards, the fees would be the following:

  1. £8 for two lessons and social
  2. £6 for second lesson and social

For more information, please contact us here and we will aim to respond within a day:

  • Facebook: Bachata Sensual V&I page or Vaibhav Rana or Iwona Ziobron
  • Instagram: Follow vib_z


DATE: 20/09, 27/09, 4/10, 11,10
TIME: 7 – 10 PM
LOCATION: Home on the High Street, Unit 43-45, Observatory Shopping Centre, Slough SL1 1LE