Maverick Safehouse 2

Mon 20 Nov to Sun 26 Nov

XTRA.art is proud to announce another upcoming exhibition, showcasing for only one week! We have collaborated with eight new young London artists!

The theme of the exhibition is: 'OMISSION'.

Certain acts of omission are so deeply ingrained in modern life that it cannot be normally perceived unless attention has been brought upon it The prosperity of mankind has led us to disregard the nature around us, omitting the ingrained natural characteristics all living organism contain. This hubris and self-indulgence results in an omission of identity: The lack of consideration of the idiosyncratic tendencies and habits that all people express in favor of own personal benefit.

A trait our brain has produced in order to smoothly transition through each day. Delving further into a psycho-analytical study of the mind uncovers the extremely structured, delicate defense mechanism s carefully placed to create a wall between oneself and reality.


It becomes much harder to define what can truly be considered real when after each terrorist attacks are opportunities to victimize and shape the dead into heroes, deliberately forgetting the underlying cause of the event as a manner of inspiring cheap emotions within. There has been a failure to fulfill the artistic freedom necessary for development. There has been a disregard of the opinions of young artists. There has been an omission of growth.

As a group of young budding artists, we present a more personal and critical side to our practice, which had remained uncovered throughout our academic career. We will expose these omissions through our artwork.


Artists collaborating on the exhibition:

Amy Fraiser https://www.instagram. com/suzuki_method/

Nikola Gurraj https://www.instagram.c om/jarrugalokinn/

Raghad Zuraiki https://www.instagram. com/raghad_zur/

Aristhea Johnson Lucas Melo https://www.instagram.co m/noth1ng_matters/

Tsukasa Kimura https://www.instagram.c om/tsukasart/

Yuhong Wang https://www.instagram.com /xihongshiii/

Deshira Gashi https://www.instagram.co m/deshiraart/


Maverick Safehouse 2

Mon 20 Nov to Sun 26 Nov

Monday / 1 – 7pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday / 10am – 7pm Friday / 10am –


Maverick Safehouse 2

137 Copeland Rd

London SE15 3SN