Bring Your Own Future - Exhibition

The Gallery @ The Curve

Sat 24 Feb to Sat 31 Mar

See your town as never before.

Explore the collision of traditional watercolour painting and virtual reality in this new exhibition. Try out our Google Cardboard headsets and see new 360º views created by and with the people of Slough.

Throughout Autumn 2017 artists Close and Remote have been working with local residents to re-paint the image of Slough through watercolours and the world of virtual reality.  This new exhibition takes you from watercolour streets to a new 360º vision of Slough.


Virtual Reality Guide and Google Tilt Brush Taster (Thurs & Sat)

Journey through watercolour. Our team will be on hand to take you on a 360º tour with views of Slough through our Google Cardboard headsets. You can also have a go with a HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset and use Google Tilt Brush and Google Blocks to paint, create shapes and images in virtual reality

Run by Mix Up Reality.

Taster Timetable

15/3/18  1.15pm –5pm 

17/3/18  2:0pm – 5pm 

22/3/18  11am - 5pm

24/3/18  1:30pm – 5pm

29/3/18  11am - 5pm

31/3/18  11am - 1pm


Explore our 360º tour on your device here

Take a sneak peek at the artwork in our gallery here


Watercolours, virtual reality and contributions from:

Khalid Abdullah
Close and Remote
Teresa Davis
Richard Dean
Jillian Derbyshire
Piers Gledhill
Sharmina Haq
Gurlina Heer
Jules Lowe
Andreas Schneider
Anousha Sengupta Gledhill
Maya Sengupta Gledhill
Papri Sengupta
Corneliu Vasluianu
Jay Younes



Bring Your Own Future - Exhibition
The Gallery @ The Curve

Sat 24 Feb to Sat 31 Mar

Mon - Sat: 9am - 5pm (Tues - Thurs until 7pm)



The Gallery @ The Curve


Bring Your Own Future