We have two opportunities below to help grown and support arts in Slough.

  • HOME Stretch Award
  • HOME Build Bursary

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HOME is revitalising the arts in Slough, providing new and innovative opportunities for people to both express and experience creativity. 

We have two exciting commission oportunities for artists to make a significant impact on the local area. 

HOME Slough Town Centre Artist Commissions 2017

Total fund £18,000
Please note that applications for this commission have now closed

HOME Slough Trading Estate Artist Commission 2017

Total fund £15,000
Please note that applications for this commission have now closed

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1) HOME Stretch Awards Opportunity

Would you like to stretch the potential of your upcoming event? Then our HOME Stretch award opportunity might be for you.

HOME Stretch Awards are designed to support artists and organisers of community events to extend their activity and widen their audiences. 

Funding awards of up to £500 for confirmed events taking place in Slough are available to:

     - Support community event organisers to strengthen the artistic content of events through commissioning artists and professional artistic involvement.

     - Enable promoters of arts events to more effectively market their events to new audiences in the borough

In both cases, in addition to the financial support of up to £500 from the HOME Stretch fund, the HOME team will provide advice and support with marketing for new audiences and commissioning artists.

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2) HOME Build Bursary Opportunity

Are you looking to build and grow your creative organisation? Then our HOME Build bursary opportunity might be for you.

HOME Build are small arts commissions designed to strengthen the local arts sector and cultural offer in Slough.

We are looking for artists, cultural groups, community organisations and creative businesses based in Slough who have a long-term commitment to the town and to benefiting the people of Slough.

The bursary aims to encourage partnerships, support development, test ideas and raise the profile and capacity of creative projects and organisations through small-scale creative activities. You may apply for a maximum of £2,500.

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