Antonia Senior and Elizabeth Fremantle

The Gallery @ The Curve

Sat 23 Sep

Join popular historical writers, Elizabeth Fremantle and Antonia Senior to discuss their new books 'The Girl in the Glass Tower' and 'The Tyrant's Shadow'. If you're interested in Tudor England as well as following the journeys of interesting characters, this author talk shouldn't be missed!

'The Tyrant's Shadow' by Antonia Senior
A court without a kingdom, a kingdom without a king...England, 1652: since Charles I's execution the land has remained untethered, the people longing for change.

When Patience Johnson meets preacher Sidrach Simmonds, she believes her destiny is to become his wife and help him spread the Lord's word.

Simmonds sees things quite differently. Patience's brother Will has been bestowed the job of lawyer to Oliver Cromwell.
Tasked with aiding England's most powerful man, he must try to overcome his grief after the loss of his wife.
Then Sam Challoner, Will's brother-in-law, returns unannounced after years in exile, forcing Will and Patience to question their loyalties: one to a ruler, the other, a spouse.
Who do they choose to save? Themselves, their loved ones or their country...

'The Girl in the Glass Tower' by Elizabeth Fremantle
Tudor England. The word treason is on everyone's lips. Arbella Stuart, niece to Mary Queen of Scots and presumed successor to Elizabeth I, has spent her youth behind the towering windows of Hardwick Hall. Her isolation should mean protection – but those close to the crown are never safe.

Aemilia Lanyer – writer and poetess – enjoys an independence denied to Arbella. Their paths should never cross. But when Arbella enlists Aemilia's help in a bid for freedom, she risks more than her own future. Ensnared in another woman's desperate schemes , Aemilia must tread carefully or share her terrible fate...

The Girl in the Glass Tower brilliantly explores what it means to be born a woman in a man's world, where destiny is strictly controlled and the smallest choices may save – or destroy – us.


Antonia Senior and Elizabeth Fremantle
The Gallery @ The Curve

Sat 23 Sep



The Gallery @ The Curve